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Not only did Agatha Christie write fascinating books, stage plays and poetry, but she also successfully tried her hand at radio plays. Her first radio play, Yellow Iris, was an adaptation of the short story under the same name that appeared in The Regatta Mystery. To commemorate the 80 th birthday of Queen Mary in 1947, Christie wrote a radio play titled Three Blind Mice. Most of Agatha Christie’s novels have also been adapted into audiobooks.

12 Radio Mysteries


12 BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations

Twelve of Agatha Christie's thrilling short stories have been adapted into full-cast radio dramatisations and are released on CD and as an audiobook this week. These short stories capture Agatha Christie's skilful plotting and talent for creating compelling mysteries.

The Lost Plays


The Lost Plays

Three of Agatha Christie’s radio plays were recently rediscovered by BBC archivists who found them amid uncatalogued material. BBC Audio have made the three plays Butter in a Lordly Dish, Personal Call and Murder in the Mews available to listen to for the first time in 50 years.

The Complete Short Stories


Hercule Poirot The Complete Short Story Collection

Read by David Suchet and Hugh Fraser, these short stories provide a feast for hardened Agatha Christie addicts as well as those who have grown to love the detective through his many film and television appearances.

Did you know?

  1. In 1950 Agatha Christie published Three Blind Mice as a short story, before using it as the basis for the well-known stage play, The Mousetrap.

  2. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd was one of the first ever talking books for the blind.

  3. Murder in the Mews has previously gone unnoticed as it had been mislabelled as Murder in the Men’s.

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